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“I’m Willing…”

Putrid skin


Jesus touched,

“I’m willing….. be clean.”

Cloud-covered eyes


Jesus reached out,

“I’m willing….. see.”

Bent over, cramping

life-blood escaping

Jesus stopped,

“I’m willing….. be whole

Shriveled hand

retracted….. useless

Jesus spoke,

“I’m willing… restored

Naked body

disgraced at His feet

Jesus bent down,

“I’m willing….. be free”

Darting eyes….. crazed

broken chains….. cutting

Jesus approached,

“I’m willing….. be sane”

Beaten body….. nailed

Last breath, “It is finished.”

Jesus died,

“I’m willing….. be REDEEMED”

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32 Years Ago Today, I Promised…

We stood face-to-face, me in my Princess Diana-like white lace gown, him in his light gray tuxedo, pink bowtie at his neck. Our eyes locked; three hundred witnesses faded and all I saw was him. The time had come for my promise. Six months earlier I made a vow to him, wrote it in my journal, and now I was to speak it aloud.

Emotion collected in my throat, lifted to my eyes, and spilled down my face. “From this day forward…” I promised, “I will love you.” Young and na├»ve I didn’t really understand what that meant, and yet I was determined to live it out.

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