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I’m Sorry

I owe her an apology.  She’s been so good to me.  Under my leadership she has worked hard, and she hasn’t complained.  She’s willingly done what I’ve asked of her.  And I’ve pushed her.  I continue to ask more and more.  Every year I add one more thing.  And the amazing thing is that she is up to the challenge.  She rises higher and higher achieving each thing I ask her to do.  And what she gives me in return is immeasurable.  Because of her I’m solid, really solid.  I’m stronger.  I walk taller.  I’m more confident.  I feel sexy and beautiful.

You would think the least I could do for her would be to listen, to give back something, to give her something she needs.  She’s asked, but not demanded.  She’s not like that, she doesn’t demand.

I went to a therapeutic yoga class on Wednesday.  The lights were low, the room was warm.  In the background Enya sang “sail away, sail away, sail away.”  Peaceful, that’s what it was, peaceful.  I was instructed to sit comfortably, close my eyes, and breath.  And I did.  I allowed myself to sink in to that peaceful moment and breath.  And it is there that my heart connected to my body.  The tears gently slid down my cheeks.  “This is what I’ve been needing,” she said.

And so today I say “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for not listening and giving you what you need.  And from now on it will be different.”

What’s great is that she doesn’t want me to stop all the other things I’m doing, she’s just asking for a little peace in the midst of it all.

And so my body, my sister… to you I vow to give peace.

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  1. Beautifully written post.I could hear that song in my head as I continued to read your post. Its been a while since I have listened to Enya's music. I am going to soak my feet and put mask on my face while i listen to calming music 🙂

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