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The Journey

Walking through the mountain forest, weary and with night falling quickly she wanted to find a place to rest.  Ahead she noticed a hedge of wild roses, beyond which were no trees.  She pulled her small sword out of the sheath on her back.  She cut through the thickness of the roses and pushed her way through.  Scratching herself on the thorns she broke into a small clearing.  This looked like a good place to stay the night.  Soft grass everywhere she found an ideal spot to sleep close to a large boulder.  She removed her satchel and sword and placed them beside her.  She took a final drink from her water pouch and made a pillow out of her outer garment.  She fell asleep exhausted, oblivious to the fragrance of roses that filled the night air.  The moonless sky provided twinkles of starlight-angels to watch over her while she slept.
She awoke with the sun already high in the sky.  Leaving her fatigue in the imprint in the grass she arose to examine her surroundings.  Hearing the lapping of water nearby she went to investigate.  She discovered a pool of water.  The sun-sparkling diamonds on the water invited her to join them.  Pulling her inner tunic up over her head and leaving it on the shore she gingerly walked into the pool.  Pleasantly surprised by the temperature she allowed the water to wash away the dirt from her skin and refresh the ache in her muscles.  She swam, exploring.  Startled frogs quickly leaping out of her way made her silently chuckle.  She found where a mountain stream emptied itself into the pool, and made note so she could later fill her water pouch.
Feeling revived she returned to the grassy shore.  She put her tunic back on and sat letting the warm sun dry her off as she combed her fingers through her hair.  Taking a deep breath, she rested.
Hunger crept into the peacefulness.  She got up and went searching for berries.  Not too far at the edge of the meadow she found bushes full of ripe sweet berries.  Making a bowl out of her tunic she gathered enough to eat and some to dry to take with her when she continued her journey.  Returning to the large boulder she carefully sat down.  She grabbed her satchel and added nuts and flat bread to her meal.  
After eating, she delighted herself in all that the clearing offered her.  The sun’s gentle warmth gave her comfort.  The soft breeze kept her cool.  She walked over to the rose bushes, picked a rose, removed the thorns and tucked it behind her left ear.   Discovering daisies, she gave a little squeal.  She watched blue birds dart about searching for a lunch of small bugs.  She listened to chickadees chirp at her in the distance.  
She sat by the daisies and made herself and daisy-chain necklace.  Butterflies flew like delicate fairies from flower to flower.  She got up, putting the necklace around her neck.  She twirled and danced with the bees and butterflies, swayed with the grasses and waltzed to the music in her heart. 
The sun began setting.  She returned to her sleeping spot.  Taking some more bread and nuts, she grabbed a handful of berries.  She walked back to the pool, found a log to sit on and ate a fulling supper while she soaked her feet.  After eating she walked over to where the stream entered and drank deeply from the mountain water.  
The day over, she once again fell asleep in the soft grass by the boulder.  This time her sleep was not one of exhaustion, but one from the peacefulness of a day; refreshed and rejuvenated.  The crickets and frogs sang a lullaby to the gentle melody of the distant water lapping against the shore.  A sliver moon joined the angel-stars to watch over her.
She awoke to the far-off screech of a hawk.  It was early, the sun barely seen in the horizon.  Rested and ready, she knew she needed to continue the journey.  Gathering her things she put on her outer garment, placed the sheathed sword on her back and put her satchel over her shoulder crossing to where it rested on the opposite hip.  Her picked up her water pouch and held it in her hand.  
She walked over to the edge of the pool, put the water pouch down and splashed water on her face.  Getting up she reached into her satchel for a handful of nuts and berries.  She followed the pool to the steam and filled her water pouch.  
Entering the forest on the far side of the clearing she continued.  The sun rose and shone through the tress illuminating her path.  A little way into the forest she discovered a small patch of bluebells.  She smiled, they nodded in greeting as she passed by.   
She small shiver traveled through her.  She looked down and noticed a fog slowly reaching around her ankles.  She kept walking.  It wasn’t long before the fog crept up to her knees and soon totally engulfed her.  The sun totally obscured from her sight, she kept on walking.  For she knew that this too was part of the journey…..

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