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Always Thankful

Today is American Thanksgiving (Canadians observe Thanksgiving the 2nd Monday in October.. but we won’t get into that).  Every year on this particular day, I am thankful; not the 4th Thursday in November, but the 22nd day of November.  Today is my husband’s birthday.  And my gratitude spills over to God for creating such a marvelous man.

Those shoulders are the strong ones that have carried me.  Those arms are the gentle ones that have held and comforted me.  THAT MAN is my safe place!  Thank You God!

There is no one I admire or respect more.  None that live with integrity as he does.  He stands true, as the needle to the pole, and will not waver.  

His heart is tender and open.  He nurtures the weary, comforts the sick, and encourages the discouraged.  And he prays with EVERYONE, no matter the situation or circumstance he will walk you to the throne of grace and put you in the arms of Jesus.

His passion for people and for God is unfathomable.  He is a warrior, clothed in the armor of God. He fights with all his might, protecting God’s people from the enemy and rescuing those that have been caught and imprisoned.

So today I am thankful.  I am thankful for the man that shares the dailiness of my life.  For the man that I can trust and admire.  For the man that makes me laugh and love.  For the man who loves me and showed me the love of God.  For the man I wake up with every morning and fall asleep beside every night.

Tim, my heart is yours forever.  Thank you for being My Man!

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