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Getting Started

Ok!  The truth is I have NO idea what I am doing.. So I figured I should get over my fear and get started.  What to write about?  I have NO idea about that either; and I’m questioning why anyone would want to read about my life and inner thoughts anyway.  Most of the time I’d like to turn my inner thoughts OFF!  What a relief that would be.
Worry – just flip the switch to off;   Fear – flip the switch to off;   Anger, Guilt, Shame – off, off, off.  Can’t do that though, because I’ve learned that if I turn those off then I also turn off Love and Joy, Peace and  Gratitude.  And I DEFINITELY want to feel  that.  All of it.  Let it embrace me, tickle me, overwhelm me.

So I’ll write.  Even when I don’t know what I’m doing.
And I’ll feel.  Even when I don’t like what I’m feeling.
And I’ll dive into my inner thoughts.  Even when they are scary and dark.
And when they are not; I’ll sing, and dance and twirl around and be grateful.

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